The Roots of Okinawan karate can be traced back to Indian martial art,Which was the basis of Chinese martial art.Buddha established Buddhism around the 5th century B.C.Approximately 1000 years later,the 28th Bodhisattva was born.He would come to be known as Dharma,third child of the king of Southern India.He left home after the king died and studied Buddhism for more than 40 years.At that time,India followed the caste system,he rejected it and attempted to reform it's follower.When he realized that such a grand scale reformation was impossible he left his homeland and went to neighoring country,CHINA.He settled at the Shaloin Temple at Mt. Kosan of Honan province were he began to teach Zen Buddhism.He also taught one of the India yoga Method as a way for the monks to enhance their physical strength.This Method was developed and became the origin of Chinese Martial art,also known as shaolin-ji.
These teaching eventually spread outside the mountain where Chinese Martial art,became more fully developed.Between the 13th & 19th centuries Chinese Martial art flourished in popularity and as a result many practitioners developed into prominent master.These master often used their superior skills to protect government officials.When King Sat to Okinawa opened trade with China,many of these Chinese master brought their martial arts expertise to Okinawa.Chinese Martial art was merged with Okinawan's native martial art to create a unique method of fighting arts
sokon matsumura
According to well documented history,an official guard named Kushankun came to Okinawa in 1786. Kushankun's ability astonished the Okinawan people. Two Okinawan in particular,Skugawa from Akata Village in Shuri & Yara from chatan Village,were so impressed with kushankun that they committed ,themselves to follow his teachings.Then Sakugawa later traveled to china to further his martial art study.After several years of training,he returned to Okinawa where he would come to be known as 'Chinese Hand Skugawa'. He taught his art to many student who would eventually become masters themselves.But it was not unit late in Sakugawa's Life when he would accept a young man who would become his most famous student, Sokun Matsumura"Sokun Matsumura (1787-1890) of Yamakawa Village in Shuri,He is known as THE FATHER OF MORDEN KARATE-DO"